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Know the Risks

How at risk are you to Sexual Transmitted Infections? Check our Sexual Exposure Chart

Risk #1 - STIs
1 in 4 sexually active teens is infected with an STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection). There are more than 25 STIs and viral STIs have no cure. The most common viral STI, HPV, can cause genital warts and cervical cancer, while the most common bacterial STI, chlamydia, can lead to sterility (no kids). More Information >

Risk #2 - Wheel of Misfortune
Having sex is like playing the "Wheel of Misfortune"---each spin of the wheel increases your chances of dealing with pregnancy, STIs, or a host of emotional problems. One million teens get pregnant every year and are forced to choose between single parenting, adoption, hasty marriage, or abortion. More Information >

Risk #3 - "Safe Sex" is a Myth
Condoms don't protect your heart. The odds of getting pregnant while using condoms are the same as rolling a dice. Recent findings conclude that there is little medical evidence to support the effectiveness of condoms in preventing the spread of most STIs.

Risk #4 - No Early Symptoms
Each year more than 16 million Americans contract an STI and the majority of them have no early symptoms. The lack of symptoms makes it extremely difficult to tell if someone has an STD and is a major contributing factor in their rapid spread.
How can I tell if someone has an STI?

Risk #5 - What About Your Partner's Partners
Having sex with someone exposes you to the risk of contracting an STD from everyone that they and all of their partners have slept with.


Check our Sexual Exposure Chart >

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